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Türkiye may introduce a visa regime for citizens of Turkmenistan, the construction of mudflow protection facilities is nearing completion in Ashgabat, a new industrial zone will be created in Ahal velayat


1. The Government of Turkmenistan has applied to the Republic of Türkiye with a request to introduce on a temporary basis a regime of visas of various categories for citizens of Turkmenistan. The corresponding statement was published on the official website of the Turkmen Foreign Ministry.

2. At the final stage is the construction of a complex of objects of mudflow protection facilities, ongoing in the southern part of Ashgabat. The commissioning of these facilities will reduce the level of groundwater, provide protection from mudflows and soil salinity, and create an opportunity for the withdrawal of sewage and rainwater outside the capital.

3. New enterprises for the production of import-substituting and export-oriented products will be built near the existing industrial zone in the Ak Bugday etrap of the Ahal velayat. The commissioning of new enterprises will contribute to the creation of more than 10 000 new jobs.

4. The final stage of the children's song and music competition Garaşsyzlygyň merjen däneleri, announced on the occasion of the 31st anniversary of Turkmenistan's independence, was held in Turkmenistan. On behalf of the President of Turkmenistan, the winners of the competition were presented with personal laptops and commemorative diplomas.

5. The international campaign “Dictation of Victory” was held at the Joint Russian-Turkmen School named after A. S. Pushkin in Ashgabat. The action participants answered 25 questions related to the events of the Great Patriotic War. The time allotted for the test was 45 minutes. Over 90 students of the 11th grade of the school participated in the event.

6. Nokia presented the most environmentally friendly product in the history of the company. The aluminum frame of the Nokia X30 5G gadget is 100% recycled metal, and the back cover is 65% recycled plastic. The box that the X30 5G comes in is also recycled.

7. The first ever film shot in space will be released in spring 2023. The Russian film “Challenge” starring Yulia Peresild will become part of a scientific and educational project, within the framework of which it is planned to shoot a series of documentaries about enterprises in the rocket and space industry.

8. Turkmenistan is exploring new opportunities for developing partnerships with reputable international sports organizations, in particular, with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and the International Sports Medicine Federation (FIMS).

9. Hekim Agamammedov from Turkmenistan became the winner of the 2022 European Open Championship in judo in the weight category up to 66 kg, which is holding these days in Austria. In the preliminary tournament, Agamammedov defeated the Frenchman Seima Luet, the Slovak Matej Polyak and the Dutchman Ivo Verkhoster. In the semi-finals, he defeated Aibolat Ystybay, in the final - Yermek Amangeldi, representing Kazakhstan.

10. Hakberdy Jumayev brought another gold medal to the treasury of Turkmenistan's awards at the European Open Judo Championship. The 23 years old athlete won the weight category up to 60 kg. In the final match, Jumayev defeated Richard Vergnes from France.

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