Placement of PR articles

One of the options for advertising on the project is through the publication of articles about your company, products or services. Articles can be written in the form of tips, reviews or have a general informational character. Selection of key queries and writing articles is carried out by our experts, the best authors of the project.

Benefits of Advertising Articles

  • Articles are posted on an ongoing basis and give the advertiser a lasting effect;
  • Pages with advertising articles do not contain any other advertising. You can familiarize yourself with the example at this link;
  • At the same time, advertising articles receive significantly more links from other articles and have much more readers;
  • Due to the constantly growing authority of the project in search engines, it is highly likely that advertiser articles will appear on the first pages of search results in Yandex and Google for targeted key queries;
  • In general, advertising campaigns carried out through the placement of articles, compared to contextual or banner advertising, also provide branding and, as a result, increase consumer confidence in the product being promoted and the company as a whole.

Why post articles

Many people write good, high-quality articles for their sites, but these articles do not attract the desired amount of traffic to them. By publishing articles on, you can significantly increase the amount of traffic on your site, because here your articles will be available to thousands of readers around the world. The likelihood of reprinting articles published on is also much higher, which expands the circle of your potential customers.

By submitting high-quality, original articles for publication on, you get the opportunity to enjoy the following advantages:

  • Advertising. You can use the links placed in the reference information field to increase the volume of traffic on your sites in order to promote your company or your individual brand, attracting an unlimited number of visitors to your site. Remember that visitors who are interested in your article will probably want to know more about what you described in your article, so provide them with working links to sites with relevant information.
  • Marketing. By publishing an article on, you make it available for reprinting, and it will begin to appear on many other sites, thereby attracting more and more visitors to your site and more and more customers to your business. This process is called Simple Information Acquisition, or RSS (Really Simple Syndication). The effectiveness of this technique is amazing, and all that needs to be done to enjoy all its advantages is to place your article in our system.
  • Reputation. By publishing an article on, you secure and increase your reputation as an author among readers. This is also a good way for beginning writers to establish themselves as an author, especially if you plan to become a printable author.
  • Traffic. By publishing an article on and letting others reprint it on a variety of sites, you make it available to a wide range of readers who will come to your site in search of additional information. This opens up many opportunities for starting a business.
  • Sales without a site. Even if you do not have your own website, an article published on can carry out its functions. However, do not forget that articles should not be openly advertising in nature. You can provide an email address or your contact information so that potential customers can contact you.
  • Mass views. Thousands of readers will monthly read your article once published on
  • Expansion of clientele. By publishing an article on, you get the opportunity to attract customers who were not available to you earlier. By posting several articles, you increase your chances of getting new customers.
  • Long term benefits. Articles that do not lose relevance are not deleted from the database, which allows you to drive traffic to your site year after year by publishing an article only once. Even a few years after publication, your articles will be found, read, reprinted, they will continue to serve you.
  • Fast growth. is a rapidly growing website, attracting more and more readers every day. By joining us now, you get access to ever-growing opportunities.
  • Brand. By publishing an article on, you create and advertise a kind of brand for your business, your personality and your experience. And a famous brand is always an advantage.
  • Purposefulness. Readers following the links placed in the body of your article are not casual visitors, but people who are most likely interested in the information presented on your site, as well as in the goods and services offered by your company.
  • Indirect sales. By publishing an article on, you get the opportunity to attract potential customers without having to make phone calls or make personal appointments in order to sell your goods or services. Your article will lead potential customers to your site simply by being published on
  • Spread. By publishing an article on, you make it available for reprint by other publishers. The higher the quality of your article, the more times it will be reprinted. Not only the original article, but each copy of it will serve as a free advertisement for your business and attract more traffic to your site.
  • Competence. Publishing an article on is prestigious, since we impose fairly stringent requirements on the content and formatting of articles. Therefore, the status of a recognized author increases your reputation among readers as a competent and experienced author.
  • Integrity. All articles published on are read and checked by editors who make sure that all articles meet the requirements for content and design, are correctly written, do not contain broken links, etc. in order to ensure the highest quality and integrity of the materials on the site.

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