Cooperation offers extremely transparent conditions for mutually beneficial cooperation for authors, readers, publishers and advertisers.

Journalists posting articles have the opportunity to create a portfolio and earn a reputation as authors of content and interesting articles that will be read by thousands of visitors;
Experts from different fields (scientists, politicians, lawyers, economists, etc.) can share their discoveries, developments and ideas with a huge audience, for this purpose it is only necessary to place articles in the appropriate section, and recognition of a wide range of readers will not take long;
Businesses get advertising for their business, which is several times more effective than traditional advertising methods, and at the same time it is only necessary to place the article absolutely free of charge on;
Webmasters and site owners, publishing articles on, attract an inexhaustible stream of interested visitors to their sites;
All authors can create a personal page where it is possible to set up a feedback, receive orders to write new articles, see detailed statistics of views and visits of their articles, publish an article, place information about yourself, their activities, companies, services, etc.
In contrast to blogs, microblogs or Internet diaries, full-length articles are distributed on, which are distributed according to the appropriate categories, which greatly facilitates their search. You can post an article on in just a few seconds - just one click.

Basic terms of publication of articles:
The most important prerequisite for publishing an article is that it should be absolutely unique! Plagiarism is not allowed!
The article must comply with the rules of the editorial policy;
The published article should not mislead readers and contradict the legislation of Turkmenistan.
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