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The ceremonial graduation of lieutenants was held at the State Migration Service of Turkmenistan, “Turkmenpost” improves the work of the courier service and other news


1. The State Migration Service of Turkmenistan hosted a solemn event on the presentation of certificates to servicemen on the successful completion of advanced training courses in the field of migration, and also on the occasion of conferring military ranks of lieutenants on them. The servicemen took the oath and solemnly swore that they would faithfully serve the Fatherland and the President and stand guard over the peaceful and prosperous life of the people.

2. The postal service company “Turkmenpost” offers delivery of parcels “from door to door”. Using the “Chapar” courier delivery, it is available to send a parcel or printed matter across Turkmenistan without leaving home. “Turkmenpost” guarantees its customers the delivery of the item to any city or town in Turkmenistan within 2-3 days.

3. The tax department of the Ministry of Finance and Economy of Turkmenistan reminds individual entrepreneurs and individuals of the deadlines for submitting tax returns for the first half of 2022.

4. Avenues and streets in the new administrative center of Ahal velayat will bear the names of outstanding personalities of Turkmenistan.

5. The Mobile tm online store offers a wide range of gadgets, cell phones, accessories and other mobile peripherals. It is available to find popular smartphones from manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi; classic push-button phones from Nokia, LG, Alcatel and other companies on the website’s pages.

6. The Gerekli online trading platform is holding a prize drawing campaign in honor of the Gurban bayramy holiday. In order to participate in the contest it is necessary to place an order for at least 200 manats, get a coupon and try your luck in the contest. A FullHd Skyworth TV, a Franko oven, Xiaomi Airdots 2 S series wireless headphones, a Message Gun and a Xiaomi humidifier are at stake.

7. Who among us has not thought about the question – do I love my job? Do I burn out on it? This problem is very typical for the modern rhythm of life, when everything has to be done in a hurry, running, in order to be in time everywhere. In order not to cool down to the cause of a lifetime, read the following practical tips.

8. An electronic rickshaw with batteries from Audi created in India. The three-wheeled electric rickshaw was presented by the startup Nunam. The creators of the electric rickshaw have found a solution to two global problems at once: the disposal of spent batteries of electric vehicles and environmental pollution.

9. Australian Daniel Scali set a new world record and got into the Guinness World Records. The man was able to wring out from the floor 3182 times in an hour. This is Scali’s second record. A few years ago, he was listed in the Guinness World Records for a long stay in the plank.

10. The Turkmenistan Futsal Super League-2022 starts in Ashgabat on June 24. Eight teams will compete for the title of the winner of the tournament. The championship will be held in four rounds and will end in December 2022. Matches also will be held on the territory of Turkmenbashi, Dashoguz and Mary.

11. A meeting of the delegation of Turkmenistan with representatives of the IOC was held at the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee in the Swiss city of Lausanne. The Secretary General of the NOC of Turkmenistan Ata Akmamedov from the Turkmen site participated in the meeting.

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