Turkmen carpets presented at the exhibition “Eastern Time” in Nur-Sultan

Turkmen carpets presented at the exhibition “Eastern Time” in Nur-Sultan

9 Turkmen handmade carpets from “Turkmen Carpets” MARUS Group participate in the exhibition “Eastern Time” in the capital of Kazakhstan, reported on the orda.kz website.

Chair of the Curatorial board of Contemporary Art Center Kulanshi, Dr. Leyla Mahat shared:

“It was a discovery for me when we found this company, that deals with Turkmen carpets. It is amazing, that they know the meaning of each element of the ornament, they can tell what vegetable colors the wool is dyed, from the wool of which sheep the carpet is made and on what pastures they grazed. This is some kind of phantasmagoria for me, because it is worthy of respect to love your work and keep your traditions in such a way”.

It is possible to see the work of Kazakh designers – finalists of the Global Nomads Fashion Awards open competition, Uzbek artists and Turkmen carpet weavers at the exhibition, which will last until May 17.

The exposition “Eastern Time” is open at the ForteBank Kulanshi Art Space gallery.

Director of Communications of ForteBank JSC Erkin Uderbai noted:

“Today a new exhibition of bright samples of Uzbekistan artists creations, and also handmade carpets from Turkmenistan, for which the country has become famous throughout the world, has opened. Also, the works of Kazakhstan designers, who received prizes in the recent Global Nomads Fashion competition were presented here. ForteBank is generally very active in supporting cultural life, arts and sports in Kazakhstan. This is our position, we want to contribute to beauty”.

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