Candidates for President of Turkmenistan from political parties met with voters of Ashgabat

Candidates for President of Turkmenistan from political parties met with voters of Ashgabat

Today, in the conference hall of the “Mekan” Palace of the Ashgabat Hyakimlik, voters met with candidates for the Presidency of Turkmenistan from two political parties in the upcoming elections on March 12, the State News Agency reports.

In the first half of the day, Agajan Bekmyradov, the candidate from the Agrarian Party, Deputy hakim of Mary velayat met with the electorate.

While clarifying his election program, he convinced that he intends to continue the implementation of progressive reforms and large-scale socio-economic transformations spread out in the country, designed to strengthen the economic power of the Motherland, to ensure a high level of well-being of the Turkmen people.

The candidate assured that large focus will be paid to the further modernization of all sectors of the economy, including agriculture, environmental protection, improving the efficiency of the processing sector of the agro-industrial complex, strengthening food abundance.

Work will continue on the development of industrial sectors, education, healthcare, physical culture and sports, as well as on the construction of housing, roads. Special importance will be attached to ensuring a high standard of living of the people, education of the younger generation.

Answering the questions of voters, the candidate from the Agrarian Party told in detail about the prospects for the development of the domestic agro-industrial complex, the construction industry, as well as education, healthcare, and sports.

At the end of the meeting, A.Bekmyradov pledged that if he is elected President of Turkmenistan, he will use all his strength, knowledge and experience to justify the high trust placed in him.

In the afternoon, a meeting of voters with the director of the Economic Society “Vepaly Gurlushyk” Babamyrat Meredov, nominated as a candidate for President of Turkmenistan at the extraordinary, III Congress of the Party of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of the country, took place here.

The candidate for the main state post outlined the main provisions of his election program, including the effective use of the opportunities of small and medium-sized businesses, economic diversification, improvement of a market economy capable of producing high-quality environmentally friendly products by creating broad opportunities in this direction on the part of the state.

While presenting his vision of the further development of Turkmenistan to the audience, B. Meredov stressed that special attention will be paid to improving the spheres of education and science, healthcare, culture, physical education and sports, education and training of the younger generation, relying on innovative technologies and a digital system.

During the meeting, the candidate for the highest state post answered the questions of the audience, which touched upon a wide range of topics of interest to them concerning the improvement of healthcare systems, education, training of young qualified personnel and their further employment, stimulating domestic entrepreneurship, and the implementation of important projects.

The candidate also told about the upcoming work on improving the legislative and legal framework of the entrepreneurial sphere, expanding the export of products, which will increase the responsibility of private business for the successful implementation of trusted projects.

Thanking those present for their trust, B. Meredov assured that, in case of his election to the highest state post, he would direct all his strength, knowledge and abilities for the benefit of the Motherland and the people.

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