Turkmen processing enterprise "Jepbar company" contributes to the solution of environmental problems

Turkmen processing enterprise "Jepbar company" contributes to the solution of environmental problems

In Turkmenistan, where environmental policy is one of the priorities, the state takes many measures to preserve the cleanliness and rational use of natural resources.

The private sector of our country also does not stand still and does everything possible to solve environmental problems. 

Domestic individual enterprise "Jepbar company" start your business in this direction. Waste disposal is one of the most pressing environmental problems of today. The annual increase in the amount of solid household and industrial waste causes irreparable damage to the Land. The introduction of a "smart economy" focused on the processing of materials and the reuse of raw materials can reduce the risk of environmental pollution.

IE "Jepbar company" beginning work in 2016. Its key activity is the processing of automobile tires by mechanical crushing. The product of such processing is a rubber crumb of three fractions (1-3mm; 0.5-1mm; up to 0.63 mm) and a fine rubber powder. At the same time, "Jepbar company" works not only for its own profit, but also makes a significant contribution to solving problems with the disposal of waste rubber. By the way, the recycling of tires by mechanical crushing is a waste-free production, which is recognized as the most environmentally friendly way of recycling due to the lack of harmful substances released into the environment.

World statistics show that the global stock of used car tires is about 80 million tons, and this number increases by 10 million tons annually. Very often, tires are set on fire, trying to destroy them, not realizing that the burning tire releases a lot of toxic substances into the atmosphere that are dangerous to life. In the ground, it also does not decompose and can lie there for more than 100 years, also releasing harmful substances into the soil and water. But recycling this scrap is a way to solve several problems at once: to rid the environment of potentially dangerous garbage for nature and humans, to produce a secondary product, while saving on resources and still making a profit.

But tires, which are full of landfills, after processing can give a lot of useful and necessary things.

In an interview with the correspondent of "Turkmenportal", the Director of the IE "Jepbar company" Vladislav Rodionov talks about the products obtained from the processing of tires:

"What can be obtained from rubber granulate? A lot of things. The crumb is used for the production of injury-proof surfaces of sports and children's playgrounds, and Isogam waterproofing and rubber-bitumen mastic are produced from a smaller type of crumb. Also a little added in the manufacture of soles for shoes".

Thus, the activity of the enterprise gives a second life to the rubber that has fallen into disrepair. The production capacity is up to 2500 tons per year. In the domestic market, the products of IE "Jepbar company" are twice cheaper than their counterparts from Turkey and Iran, and the company intends to export them to Uzbekistan and Afghanistan soon.

The IP plans joint projects with the nature protection Society of Turkmenistan, for example, such as recycling of rubber and plastic by pyrolysis to produce pyrolysis fuel, which is better in its composition than M100 fuel oil. By implementing this environmentally promising project, it will be possible to process absolutely all carbon-based waste (plastic, rubber, shoes, jackets, machinery, as well as printer cartridges and oil sludge).

The specialists of “Jepbar company” are confident about the future, because their socially useful production helps to maintain the environment in our country, which means that it is aimed at a healthy and happy life for many generations!

The address of IE "Jepbar company": Ashgabat, Turkmenbashi avenue S., the structure 166.

Phone numbers: +993 65 66 49 90, +993 62 49 49 11.

E-mail: jepbarcompany@gmail.com.

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