Production of plastic pipes in Turkmenistan

Production of plastic pipes in Turkmenistan

The production of plastic pipes is one of the main directions of the enterprise Türkmen Senagat, successfully operating in the industrial sector of Turkmenistan since 2008.

The head of the economic society Maksat Byahbidov starting his business, studied the real needs of the market, which is growing rapidly with new modern industries, and took into account the scale of the urban development program deployed in the country.

The creation of a pipe plant became possible thanks to the successfully developing public-private partnership, the organization and operation of high-tech private industries that are competitive on the world market in Turkmenistan.

Today, the plant, located in the industrial zone of Ak Bugday etrap, Ahal velayat, produces pipes of various diameters (from 16 to 630 mm), including corrugated PE pipes for laying sewer and electrical networks, and smooth HDPE pipes (water and gas pipes) for outdoor installation of water and gas pipelines.

Distinctive quality characteristics of products: long service life, moisture resistance and resistance to ignition, oxidation, high resistance to mechanical stress.

Besides that, environmentally friendly and lightweight material facilitates pipe installation. Corrugated pipes for electrical networks, produced in sizes from 16 to 32 mm, are protected reliably from corrosion and other adverse environmental factors, which prolongs their service life.

The products of ES Türkmen Senagat are in great demand in the housing and communal sector, construction and other areas. As a kind of “consumables”, pipes are intended for the arrangement of water conduits, urban and rural gas supply systems with natural and liquefied gas, heating systems, and are used in structures for various purposes and in the production of consumer goods.

The company receives raw materials for production from the gas processing plant located in the Kiyanly village of the Balkan velayat. Compliance of manufactured products with domestic and international standards is strictly monitored.

The equipment of the pipe plant with modern high-tech equipment from Germany KraussMaffei has the great importance, corrugated sewer pipes are produced on equipment from the world leader in the industry - the German company Unicor, which provides automatic operation.

The potential capacity of pipe production is 1800 tons of products per month.

A clear organization of the production process, working conditions created for workers, their social security also play a positive role in the production of high-quality goods. It is noteworthy that the creation of the plant made it possible to provide employment for 80 people, who were trained to work on modern equipment.

The import-substituting enterprise also aims to sell its products abroad. This is facilitated by the high quality of pipes, flexible pricing policy and individual approach to customers, and a commitment to long-term fruitful cooperation.

ES Türkmen Senagat constantly improving its activities systematically modernizes and expands the production and range of plastic pipes produced, introduces new technologies.

The manufacturer does not stop there. At present time, the economic company is building a large modern plant for the production of potassium sulfate, sodium sulfate and hydrochloric acid in the village of Jebel, Balkan velayat.

It remains to add that everyone, who is interested in the products of the ES Türkmen Senagat can get additional information on its official website by clicking on the link

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