"Eco-friendly" products from Turkmenistan with care for the environment

"Eco-friendly" products from Turkmenistan with care for the environment

A modern person, especially a resident of large cities, pays great attention to a healthy lifestyle. One of the aspects of this lifestyle is healthy eating, that is, eating organic food grown without the use of chemicals.

Products with the eco-friendly status are gaining more and more popularity in our country. After all, the Turkmen land at all times has been and remains very rich and productive for growing vegetables and fruits. The climate and natural conditions are the main components of success in the agricultural business, became the natural engine of the work of IE On Dogan, which has been engaged in the production, import and export of ecologically clean fruits and vegetables for several years.

Over the years, On Dogan, having staked out the title of one of the largest wholesalers in the field of agriculture, has created agro-industrial clusters for growing potatoes, onions, and orchards where apples, kiwi and citrus crops grow. Products under the On Dogan brand are of high quality and environmental friendliness - the harvested fruits and vegetables are carefully sorted and packaged in order to preserve their useful properties and presentation during transportation. The company's products are in great demand on the counters of markets, bazaars, as well as in the country's catering system.

On the territory of the Ak Bugday etrap of the Akhal velayat, the company allocated an agricultural area of 300 hectares for citrus and melon crops, which, after being harvested, go both to the local market and "go" for export abroad. Fresh tomatoes grown in Turkmen greenhouses are especially in great demand. This product is at the top of the export list of entrepreneurs from Turkmenistan.

The greenhouse industry is another of On Dogan's activities. On an area of 9 hectares, modern fruit and vegetable greenhouses are being built for growing melons and gourds using the best world technologies - the latest lighting and irrigation systems, automatic fertilizer supply systems, temperature and humidity regulators. Warehouses for high-quality storage of the harvested crop will be located on the same territory. These projects will increase the country's export potential.

The development of the agricultural sector is unthinkable without the participation of specialized equipment and the use of know-how. IE On Dogan occupies a leading position in this area: it supplies modern agricultural machinery, engineering equipment, and also promotes the latest technologies for growing and storing vegetable and fruit crops.

Today, Turkmen vegetables and fruits under the On Dogan brand are in great demand in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkey. The company carries out re-export of imported fruits and vegetables from Iran and Pakistan to the same countries.

IE On Dogan is a member of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and constantly takes part in various exhibitions of the country's achievements, where new partnerships are established with representatives of local and foreign business circles. On Dogan, adhering to modern marketing strategies, is always open to cooperation, taking into account all the wishes of the client. For a more detailed acquaintance with the company and its activities, follow the link.


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