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The Turkmen brand Ýunus creation history

The Turkmen brand Ýunus creation history

Ýunus  brand products has been known in Turkmenistan already for several years. Roasted sunflower seeds with and without salt, salted peanuts, chewing gums without sugar are always on the shelves of any store and are always in great demand. Ýunus is the embodiment of the success of the import substitution policy, producing for domestic market Turkmenistan the products that were previously all imported. The quality of Ýunus  products fully withstands competition with foreign analogues. 

IE Altyn Ýunus started its way in 2005 as the ordinary wholesale and retail enterprise that sold food products. 

Gradually, the business grew, the range of goods expanded, outlets appeared all over the country, and the company also began to take over the functions of dealing with well-known foreign brands in Turkmenistan.

The company under the present known name Ýunus was registered in 2014. From that time the opening of production facilities across the country has started – first, in 2016, in Mary was opened an enterprise on production of roasted sunflower seeds, then, in 2020 in Anau near Ashgabat. In 2017, Altyn Ýunus mastered the production of chewing gums with sugar, and in 2018 - without sugar, as well as the production of lollipops – lollipops on sticks and with chewing gum inside.

Since 2020, after the opening of the factory in Anau,  Altyn Ýunus has begun to develop a relatively new niche for them – the production of flour confectionery. First cookies, and then waffles from Altyn Ýunus gradually gained popularity among the Turkmen consumer. Since the same year, chocolate bars and candies have been produced under the brand Ýunus, as well as porous chocolate and chocolate eggs with a toy inside for the first time in Turkmenistan.

Currently the list of products of Altyn Ýunus includes more than 150 names, starting with the known to all chewing gums and roasted seeds and nuts Ýunus, sweet cookies and waffles with various flavors, ending with chewing gums of Well and Topgam brands, lollypops on sticks, sets of chocolates and bars.

Altyn Ýunus supplies a range of products to 20 thousand retail outlets across the country. Sunflower and pumpkin roasted seeds, Ýunus peanuts, Ýunus, Well and Topgam chewing gums, sweet cookies of the brands Ýunus, Melek, Emir, Tawus, Ýurejik, chocolate, lemon, nut waffles Melek, chocolate bars Springa, Tower, Hozzi, Bruno with various fillings and covered with Belgian chocolate, lollipops are presented on the shelves of stores, chocolate eggs and other figures with a surprise inside, as well as porous chocolate. 

The quality of Ýunus products is noted not only by consumers, but also by the International Organization for Standardization, which awarded products of Ýunus with ISO 22000, ISO 9001 and HACCP or “Halal” certificates.

Altyn Ýunus put right the export of its products to the neighboring countries - Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Iran, as well as to Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and China. Negotiations are underway to establish exports to Armenia, Belarus, Mongolia, the UAE and African countries.

Moreover, IE Altyn Ýunus is a regular participant of local exhibitions of industrial achievements of Turkmenistan and foreign exhibitions - the company presented its products at PRODEXPO 2020 in Moscow and at GULLFOOD in Dubai (UAE) in 2020. 

Altyn Ýunus brand products is always of high quality, modern packing, strict control over the production process, the use of the best raw materials and modern equipment.

To learn more about the activities of IE Altyn Ýunus and its products, please visit: Bitarap Turkmenistan Str.,174,  Ashgabat. Contact phone numbers: (+993 12) 95 06 04, (+993 12) 95 06 17, (+993 12) 95 06 18.  Email address:,

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