New banking services in honor of the 140th anniversary of Ashgabat

New banking services in honor of the 140th anniversary of Ashgabat

The year “Turkmenistan - the homeland of peace and trust” is marked by new achievements, holidays and celebrations. Our capital celebrates its 140th anniversary this year. Over the years, Ashgabat has experienced unforgettable joyful and historical events. The beautiful capital of our independent, neutral state, under the visionary leadership of the distinguished President, has established itself as a peacekeeping center. This has increased its international standing. For a worthy meeting of the 140th anniversary of our magnificent capital, along with all industries, credit institutions of the country are also doing a lot.

Currently, in order to successfully implement the Concept for the Development of the Digital Economy in Turkmenistan for 2019-2025, expand non-cash payments and on the occasion of the 140th anniversary of the creation of the city of Ashgabat, credit institutions of our country have created favorable conditions for clients-holders of “Altyn asyr” bank cards, “Goýum bank karty” - the cashback rate for payments made in non-cash form through payment terminals has been increased to 2%.

In addition, in order to support young people in the country studying in higher and secondary vocational schools, stimulate their creative initiatives, create favorable opportunities for improving their professionalism, a new loan product – “Talyp Karzy” - a student loan is proposed. This loan is provided in a non-cash form solely to pay for the cost of study. Moreover, in order to increase the number of banking services, financial support of citizens, clients-holders of “Altyn Asyr” bank cards are offered a bank loan “Overdraft”. This is a short-term loan provided to the bank's clients on the basis of an agreement through an account with an “Overdraft” bank card in the amount of no more than 50% of the borrower's salary at 10% per annum.

In addition, for the development of agriculture and animal husbandry (in an auxiliary farm, on a dedicated land plot), the production of agricultural products, the acquisition of fixed and circulating assets, as well as the production of local raw materials necessary for large-scale industries, small-volume loans are issued in non-cash form. Loan size - up to 30,000 manats at 10% per annum for up to 3 years with a 6-month grace period. Loan security is a guarantee of a solvent third party.

On the eve of the 140th anniversary of the establishment of the city of Ashgabat, by the Decree of the Mejlis of Turkmenistan, a Charitable Foundation was established to provide assistance to children in need of guardianship. It was named after President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. This became one of the joyful events.

Caring for a person in our country remains one of the main directions of all transformations carried out under the leadership of the esteemed President. All conditions are being created for the young generation to receive modern education and upbringing, to follow healthy habits, and a happy life. The norms regarding the protection of children are enshrined in our Basic Law. They are fully reflected in the adopted laws, international conventions ratified by Turkmenistan, as well as national programs. Our ancestors always looked at their children with special care, warmth and tenderness, and dedicated all the best to them. Surrounding children with care, warmth, bringing them up modest, in the spirit of respect for elders and love of younger ones, have become one of the priorities of state policy. These good principles are filled with new content in the era of power and happiness.

At the initiative of the Leader of the Nation, modern kindergartens, secondary schools, children's health centers are being built and commissioned, which have all the possibilities for the harmonious development of children. A lot of work is being done to protect and restore the health of children. The functioning of educational and educational rehabilitation centers in all velayats creates opportunities for children to receive modern education, to find their place in society. Led by the respected President, our state takes care of children with warmth. Concern for the comprehensive development of the young generation - the future of the country - runs like a red thread through the humane activities of the Leader of the Nation.


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