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A seminar on the use of energy-saving lamps in the climate of Turkmenistan was held in Mary


Training seminar on the topic “Studying the features of the operation of energy-saving lamps in the climatic conditions of Turkmenistan. The possibility of using waste as an alternative energy source” was held in the city of Mary.

The seminar was held within the framework of the project of the United Nations Development Program and the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection "Sustainable cities in Turkmenistan: Integrated development of green cities in Ashgabat and Avaza".

The seminar was attended by specialists from the Ministry of Energy of Turkmenistan, teachers and students of the State Energy Institute of Turkmenistan (SEIT, Mary), specialists from the Research and Production Center "Renewable Energy Sources (RES)" under the SEIT, as well as specialists and international consultants of the UNDP project.

The seminar was aimed at providing information on the features of the operation of energy-saving lamps in the climatic conditions of Turkmenistan. Issues on the development of a new renewable energy sector in Turkmenistan were also considered. The participants studied international experience in the development of regulatory documents and best practices in the field of the use of renewable energy sources, as well as in the introduction of innovative energy efficiency technologies into the electric power industry.

Also, the participants were provided with information on the activities carried out for sorting and processing of municipal solid waste and the possibility of using waste as an alternative energy source.

A presentation was made on the joint activities carried out in the implementation of pilot projects with the introduction of energy-saving lamps and innovative energy efficiency technologies in urban street lighting systems, as well as information was provided on the work to support the development of the legislative framework for the sustainable development of the electric power industry.

The seminar was held with the participation of UNDP international consultants Alexey Zaharov and Elena Zhuchenko.

“With the acquisition of knowledge in terms of the best practices for designing, installing and maintaining outdoor lighting installations using generation based on solar and wind energy, young people have an important competitive advantage in the labor market in the rapidly growing renewable energy sector,” A. Zaharov noted.

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