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“Turkmenportal” and partners congratulated a long-liver from Mary velayat on her 121st anniversary

“Turkmenportal” and partners congratulated a long-liver from Mary velayat on her 121st anniversary

Ajapsoltan Hajieva, a long-liver from Mary velayat, received hearty congratulations on the occasion of the New Year and her birthday from the editorial board of “Turkmenportal”.

Our congratulations were joined by the Pension Fund Department of Turkmenistan, the Women's Union of Turkmenistan, companies: “Ak Tam”, IE “Hyjuwly lachyn”, IE “Miweli ulke” and ES “Yupekchi” as well as drapery "Nur yupek". 

Finding the home of a long-liver was not difficult. In her village, she is a legend, and her home is a landmark.

Ajapsoltan Ene and his 86-year-old son Ata warmly welcomed our small delegation, and for them our visit was a pleasant surprise.

We all congratulated the long-liver, wished health, prosperity and joy to her and her family, peace and prosperity to the home, in which respect and love for each other reigns. Here the younger ones take care of the older ones. And for the younger ones, there is always good advice, love and support from the older generation.

A representative of “Yupekchi”, a producer of Bold drinks, who took part in the congratulatory action, shared his impressions:

“I was happy when “Turkmenportal” invited me to participate in organizing this event, and immediately joined the action. I was overwhelmed with a feeling of joy that I am in the house of Ajapsoltan Ene herself! It is a miracle for me to see with my own eyes a person at such a respectable age. May God let everyone live such a long and dignified life. Dear Ajaspsoltan Ene, I wish you good health and good spirits! "

Representatives of IE “Miweli ulke”:

“We wish Ajapsoltan Hajieva and her relatives health, prosperity and peace! We are very proud that the representative of Turkmenistan is the longest-living woman in the world. "

Our correspondent read out congratulations to the birthday lady on behalf of the entire editorial board of “Turkmenportal”:

“Dear Ajapsoltan Hajieva! “Turkmenportal” website congratulates you on your 121st anniversary! We wish you good health, spirituality, and so that your soul always remains young! We really want you to be included in the Guinness Book of Records as “the oldest person in the world!”

At parting, the long-liver was presented with gifts, with which the guests came.

Ajapsoltan Ene was pleased with such a surprise, thanked everyone who came to congratulate her and accompanied us with parting words:

“Alla sizi öz penasynda aman saklasyn!” (“May Allah bless you!”).


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patriotturkmen ( 12/01/2021 )

Дай Бог здоровья и долгих лет жизни всем Туркменистанцам.

Kerem ( 13/01/2021 )

Enemjan ömrüñ uzak görjegiñ gowulyk,doglan güniñ gutly bolsun Allajan uzak ömür bersin çagalañ, agtyklañ, çowluklañ, yuwluklañ arasynda basyñ dik bolsun.

soyguliwatan ( 13/01/2021 )

in şa allah

Watanymyz ( 13/01/2021 )

Allanyň kömegi bilen