“Turkmen-Tranzit” is working on creating the first online trading platform in Turkmenistan

“Turkmen-Tranzit” is working on creating the first online trading platform in Turkmenistan

Specialists of one of the leading IT companies in Turkmenistan, "Turkmen-Tranzit", are expanding their activities in providing software services for companies and organizations in Turkmenistan and offer to develop software taking into account any requirements of the customer.

In honor of the 25th anniversary of the neutrality of Turkmenistan, the company "Turkmen-Tranzit" together with the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan is working on the creation of the first online trading platform "Kerwen" in Turkmenistan.

The online platform will not only allow sellers and manufacturers to decide for themselves what goods to display and at what prices, but also provides assistance in providing storage facilities for goods and delivery services.

Also, the online platform has the ability to go international to attract foreign capital - the sale of goods and services, attracting foreign investment and auction - the ability to conduct online auctions for both a decrease and an increase.

The portfolio of the company "Turkmen-Tranzit" already includes the application "Yeňil töleg" - an online payment service, a patented payment aggregator "TT-gate" for banks. The company's achievements also include the job search app "Iş gözle" for the Ministry of labor, Digital support for the company "Paymob", the website of the online clothing store "Gala" and much more. The company is also actively engaged in the implementation of the electronic document management system "Netije” created by them in organizations, the supply of equipment and software development for payment systems, as well as the automation of business processes based on 1C.

Among the services of the company "Turkmen-Tranzit" is not only the development of software and applications, but also the creation of "from scratch" sites of any profile and purpose, as well as providing cyber security.

You can visit the online trading platform following the link

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