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Turkmenportal entered the top 10 most visited sites of Turkmenistan according to Alexa

 Turkmenportal entered the top 10 most visited sites of Turkmenistan according to Alexa

The information site Turkmenportal conducted analytics of the most popular websites of Turkmenistan as of the beginning of April 2019. The rating was compiled according to the data of the Alexa Internet portal.

Alexa Internet is one of the oldest and most reputable analytical companies in the world. When analyzing, Alexa Internet takes into account the number of pages viewed and the average daily audience over the past three months. The rating covers 30 million sites from all over the world. The most popular resource in Turkmenistan is the Google search engine, in the top 10 Google is represented in three domains at once: the global, the Russian version of and the Turkmen The Russian search engine Yandex takes the second place, the third place is the video hosting site Youtube. The Mail.Ru portal ranked fourth on the list, the Wikipedia encyclopedia ranked sixth.

The top-10 is closed by the information site Turkmenportal, the most visited and largest dynamically developing information resource of the Turkmen Internet, which has no analogues in its category in the country. Since its founding in 2011, the site has been able to gain great confidence among Turkmen and foreign Internet users. According to the Alexa Internet portal, 71% of the site’s visitors are residents of Turkmenistan, 29% are foreign readers. In the global ranking of Turkmenportal is on 14,792 place. Every day the site is viewed more than 35,000 times a day, the monthly number of views of more than 1 million visitors. Despite the large amount of content, the speed of the resource remains consistently high.

The Turkmenportal page is represented in the most reputable active social networks, such as Facebook, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Instagram, Twitter and the channel on Youtube.

In 2019, the English version of the site was launched, so Turkmenportal joins the English-speaking community. 360–400 million people — for so many people, English is a native language, and another 600–700 million people study it all over the world.

The goal of Turkmenportal is to promptly and reliably cover the events, facts and successes of modern Turkmenistan in the global information space.

Thanks to participation in the affiliate program with the international companies Yandex, Google, Rambler, news from the Turkmenportal website are promptly indexed by search engines.

Recently, the world's largest publications regularly refer to Turkmenportal in their news feeds, among them information resources from Russia, Turkey, Croatia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and other countries.

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