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The overview of mobile apps “Nur ýüpek”

The overview of mobile apps “Nur ýüpek”

Every woman strives to find the right fabric for a dress to look beautiful and attractive!

Buying the best and highest quality fabrics at a reasonable price with free home delivery is now much easier.

Increasingly expanding in our country in the wholesale and retail sale of bamboo fabrics, the “Nurýüpek” store takes care of its customers and provides them with even more opportunities with the help of the “Nurýüpek” mobile program, users can easily choose the fabric they need without leaving their homes at any time of the day.

You can download the application "Nurýüpek" in Google Play, the program will be ready for use immediately after its installation.

The user interface of the mobile app is quite simple and includes sections such as "Home", "Categories", "Favorites", "Trash" and "More", as well as notifications.

The main page contains specially designed ads. The purpose of these ads is to make the “Nurýüpek” store more accessible to customers.

In the "New arrival" section, you can see new items added to the program.

The "We recommend" notification lists the products selected by the store.


The following menu is divided into special sections to facilitate the selection of fabrics.

While viewing fabrics, your favorite fabrics can be collected in a separate "Favorites" section

In the "Shopping cart" section, you can see the products that you added to your cart.

The shopping cart contains full information about the product name, price, and quantity. To purchase items in the shopping cart, click on the "Checkout" button

In the order section, you just need to enter the information and click "Checkout".

After ordering, your orders will be sent to the store as a message, and the operator will contact you.

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