For what Ashgabat office employees spend on their “lunchtime”

For what Ashgabat office employees spend on their “lunchtime”

A survey of Turkmenportal showed that "lunchtime" is losing its meaning, just how to have lunch.

The reason for this is the modern lifestyle, new technologies, an abundance of goods and services in the economy.

Many employees, besides food, manage to do an additional set of tasks.

The official lunch time in Turkmenistan in many institutions starts at 13:00. On average, a lunch break lasts one hour.

According to the survey results, employees try to use this time as efficiently as possible.

In saving lunch time, an important role is played by:

  • the abundance of varieties of "fast food" with delivery to the destination;
  • convenient packing of "fast food" gives the chance to have lunch;
  • easiness of quick movement around the city staff at lunch;

So, the following statistics show what the Ashgabat office workers spend on "lunchtime":

  • 95% of employees, regardless of age, always have lunch at lunchtime and spend 15-20 minutes on this.
  • 5% for various reasons do not have lunch at lunchtime.

On average, saved 40-45 minutes of time spent by employees:

  • rest in the workplace;
  • finish their work;
  • doing their own personal affairs;
  • use the Internet;
  • go to school for children;
  • go home for various reasons;

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