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Ýedidogan craft paper bag

Туркменистан, Ашхабат, ул. 1945 ТЦ Altyn asyr (5-ти ножка) 1-ый этаж 134-ый офис.
(+993 65) 80 44 77.
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Yedidogan offers you 125 types of paper-based, eco-friendly, health-friendly, certified packaging for packaging food and other products. The products are distinguished by high quality and price convenience. The papers used are reinforced and semi-sweet. Printed up to 4 colors. The glue is from the starch of the apple. You can order at any size and with your own trademark as you wish. It also offers heat-resistant and food-wrapping paper sizes that are customizable to your taste.


You can get additional information on the AkTam Bazary.


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