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KERVVEN is a new mobile app built in 2020 and a new way to distribute helpful and lucrative notifications in Interstate and Turkmenistan.

KERVVEN - What does the mobile app do and how does it work?

KERVVEN - Mobile application consists of 3 main sections:




USER - All users can share their notification by filling in their personal information correctly and completely, indicating what the KERVVEN mobile app wants to send from the SHARE section.

PASSENGER - From the KABV ET section of the KERVVEN mobile app, each other is assisted by selecting a suitable notification, matching the shared message, contacting the sender, accepting a bilateral agreement.

FEEDBACK - Users wishing to receive notifications posted on the KERVVEN mobile app can receive a payment from the user who shared the notification once any work has been done fully and correctly.

KERVVEN Mobile App Helps Users to Deliver Quickly and Save Your Time.

In addition, there are online grocery and grocery stores that can contact the KERVVEN mobile app administration if they are struggling and want to find a solution in the delivery service to the provinces.


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