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Turkmenistan is an active participant in international transport projects


For many years, Turkmenistan has been actively working to promote international initiatives aimed at creating a transport and transit infrastructure that contributes to the harmonious development of the countries of the region and the world. The teacher of the Institute of International Relations Perhat Charyev spoke about the achievements of Turkmenistan in this direction to

“Over the past 10 years, a large number of international forums dedicated to the development of the transport sector have been held in the capital of Turkmenistan. In May 2012 Ashgabat hosted the conference “Prospects for the development of transport and transit in the region of Central Asia and the Caspian Sea”.

In November 2016, the city hosted the first Global Conference on Sustainable Transportation. In 2017 and 2018, conferences were held in the “Avaza” national tourist zone, within the framework of which the issues of transport development on the Eurasian continent and the revival of the Great Silk Road were discussed.

Other conferences focused on developing cooperation within the Lapis Lazuli corridor and enhancing the transport connectivity of landlocked countries. In May 2023, the forum “International transport corridors: interconnection and development” was held in Ashgabat

At the initiative of Turkmenistan, at the meetings of the UN General Assembly, resolutions were adopted aimed at developing transport and transit corridors, creating sustainable multimodal transit routes, strengthening links between all modes of transport, establishing stable and reliable international transportation in the post-pandemic period, integrating the mass use of bicycles into public transport, declaring November 26 as World Sustainable Transport Day.

The Central Asian country is part of the railway route “Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan-Iran”, corridors “Uzbekistan-Turkmenistan-Iran-Oman” and “Afghanistan-Turkmenistan-Azerbaijan-Georgia-Türkiye” (Lyapis Lazuli), “Caspian Sea-Black Sea”, “China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan-Turkmenistan-Azerbaijan-Georgia-Türkiye-Europe”.

Turkmenistan is a country located at the favorable intersection of two continents. The country uses a huge potential for the development of all types of transport. The state adopted the “Program for the Development of Transport Diplomacy of the President of Turkmenistan for 2022-2025”. Transport diplomacy of Ashgabat is an effective tool for the development of international cooperation”.

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