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Three percent of Superjob respondents would like to work under Tony Stark


The Russian portal Superjob conducted a survey among users about which of the heroes of popular films and TV shows they would like to see as their boss, writes RBC.

The survey participants were 1 600 economically active citizens of all regions of Russia over the age of 18.

The first place in popularity, gaining 4% of the total number of respondents, was taken by Max Otto von Stirlitz from Seventeen Moments of Spring and Gleb Zheglov from The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed. On the second with 3% of the votes of respondents - Dr. House from the series of the same name and Tony Stark from Iron Man.

Third place and 2% of the votes went to Lyudmila Kalugina from the film Office Romance, Sherlock Holmes, Batman and Roman Shilov from Cop Wars.

Also among the desired bosses were Jack Sparrow, James Bond, Miranda Priestley ("The Devil Wears Prada"), doctor Andrey Bykov ("Interns"), Katerina Tihomirova ("Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears"), Ostap Bender ("The Twelve Chairs") , Maria Shvetsova ("Secrets of the Investigation") and Albus Dumbledore ("Harry Potter").

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