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Jewelry brand Utopia in Gold Palace boutique

Jewelry brand Utopia in Gold Palace boutique

Ashgabat boutique Gold Palace presents a wide range of jewelry from the world-famous Italian jewelry brand Utopia.

Modern pearls are a feature of the Utopia jewelry brand, owned by the Italian company Gaia, which has been working in the production and sale of pearls and precious stones for more than 60 years. The brand was created in 1997 in Milan, the Italian fashion capital, which was a kind of application for Gaia to become a trendsetter in this jewelry segment. The name Utopia also “works” for this concept, referring to the idea of an ideal world and the possibility of achieving perfection.

The magic of pearls is in its living nature, and therefore since ancient times it has been considered a jewel and endowed with extraordinary properties. The magical power of pearls for centuries attracted the attention of high-ranking persons and, of course, the “beautiful half of humanity”, who considered pearl products to be one of the main symbols of femininity. It is no coincidence that the founders of the brand willingly appeal not to trends, but to eternity. Director of Utopia Anna Gaia confidence that every pearl has a soul and it is important for craftsmen to reflect its uniqueness in each product.

Today, Utopia jewelry is modern jewelry accessories that are easy to wear everywhere, on occasion and without. This is a democratic stone that suits any image.

Utopia Jewelry House interprets pearls in a modern way, combining avant-garde and tradition. The uniqueness of the products is also reflected in their characteristic Italian design style. As a world leader in the creation of pearl jewelry, Utopia pays special attention to the trends and quality of natural pearls grown on their own farms.

The source of inspiration for the brand’s designers is the world with its forms, colors and sounds, and the most noble and high-quality materials are the means of artistic realization of the jewelers’ ideas: gold, diamonds and, of course, the world’s best pearls.

In its jewelry masterpieces, Utopia actively uses white South Sea pearls and black Tahitian pearls – the largest types of pearls in the world (sometimes up to 18 mm), rare, with the thickets layer of mother-of-pearl, perfect surface and luxurious mother-of-pearl luster. As it is known, they are the most valuable in the world, since the process of their occurrence is very complex and, without exaggeration, it can be called one of the wonders of nature.

In an effort to get away from the usual canons, the Utopia jewelry house creates its collections not only in white and in pink gold, but also boldly combines luxurious classic white pearls with fashionable black rhodium.

Each collection of Utopia jewelry is unique and consists of extensive and complete compositions, including lines of lovely jewelry cufflinks and precious clasps for pearl necklaces.

All collections are emphatically different, since stylistic diversity is an important part of the Utopia ideology. At the same time, they are united by an important link for all lines – the pearls of the southern seas, since it is present in almost all jewelry.

Utopia products are known all over the world and are officially presented in the most prestigious jewelry boutiques in the United States of America, Switzerland, Ireland, Spain, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, and the CIS countries.

Utopia’s clients include Sophia Loren, Queen of Spain – Leticia and other celebrities. She loved and knew how to wear pearl jewelry Jacqueline Kennedy – the former first lady of the United States, one of the most popular women of her time, a trendsetter, beauty and grace, who believed that “pearls are always appropriate”.

Today the clients of the Ashgabat boutique Gold Palace, which is the official distributor of Utopia and has the best collections of the Italian brand, can also appreciate the magnificence of Utopia pearls.

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