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New road overpass opened in Turkmenbashi etrap

New road overpass opened in Turkmenbashi etrap

A new road overpass over the Turkmenbashi-Ashgabat railway was opened in the Turkmenbashi etrap of the Balkan velayat, reports the “Neutral Turkmenistan” newspaper.

On the eve of the Day of the Constitution and the State Flag of Turkmenistan, celebrations were held here to mark the commissioning of a new facility. Representatives of ministries and departments, customers and general contractors, the leadership corps of the Balkan velayat, the city of Turkmenbashi and the etrap of the same name, elders and youth participated in the celebrations. On the improvised stage, dance and song-musical ensembles of the etrap and the city of Turkmenbashi performed with concerts.

The length of the new overpass, together with earthen embankments on both sides of the bridge, was 970 meters, of which 60 meters were a bridge over the railway. The bridge permits to freely cross the Ashgabat-Turkmenbashi railway. The specialists of the “Ruhabatköprigurluşyk” trust erected the object.

The overpass has six lanes, three in each direction. Noise barriers have been installed on both sides of the road. Reinforced concrete superstructures and beam bridge supports are made in the form of cylindrical columns.

The overpass belongs to motor roads of the first technical category.

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