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The second volume of the book “Memory” about the Great Patriotic War was published in Turkmenistan


The second volume of the book “Hatyra” (“Memory”). This was reported by the newspaper “Neutral Turkmenistan” today.

The first volume, published on the eve of the 76th anniversary of the Great Victory, pays tribute to the memory of the heroes of Turkmenistan from Ashgabat and Ahal velayat.

The time of the greatest trials, irreparable losses and human suffering goes further and further into history. But the search archival work does not stop, allowing to fill in the gaps in the lists of the names of the heroes of the war. The new edition notes that according to available data, about 35 thousand people were mobilized from Balkan velayat into the active army, 8 thousand 938 Balkan residents did not return to their homes, having laid their lives on the altar of Victory.

It also contains information about the selfless sons and daughters of the Turkmen people with personalized award sheets and photographs. The book contains letters-triangles, poems, characterized by a special emotional intensity, created both during the war years and today.

An extensive documentary database obtained from various sources. These are archives of military commissariats, departments of social security of cities and etraps of Balkan velayat, memoirs of war veterans, personal data, scientific publications and periodicals.

On the pages of the book there are no stories about the military exploits of our fellow countrymen, however, behind the scant documentary information - the biography of a whole generation, from which the geography of the war is formed. It should be noted that the new edition, in addition to information about the date and place of birth, rank, death and burial, contains data on the place and year of the call of a soldier into the army.

The new edition was replenished with photo illustrations telling not only about the exploits of the Turkmen soldiers, but also about heroic everyday life in the rear, where women and children, with their selfless labor, brought the long-awaited Victory closer.

A number of priceless photographs of that era are supplemented by photographs found in archives, as well as memorial monuments located on the territory of the velayat.

One of the photographs is a fraternal burial of soldiers called up for service from this region of Turkmenistan, in the village of Staraya Rusa of Leningrad Region. All these photographic documents are an invaluable historical source about the immortal feat of the best and fearless sons of the Turkmen people, an excited and ardent voice in defense of peace, justice and goodness.

As you know, the first book “Hatyra” was published in 1993-1998. The indisputable advantage of its reprint is the systematization of existing data, their addition and placement in alphabetical order, which facilitates access to information.

The second volume, like the book “Hatyra” as a whole, will serve to perpetuate the memory of that heroic time and is designed for a wide readership. Prepared for publication by the Main Archive Department under the Cabinet of Ministers, it was published by the Turkmen State Publishing Service at a high polygraphic level.

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