“Alem Shipping” is the first Turkmen shipping company in the field of international sea freight

“Alem Shipping” is the first Turkmen shipping company in the field of international sea freight

The diversified business company “Alem Dostlugy” has opened a new division, “Alem Shipping”, the first Turkmen shipping company located in Turkmenistan, which provides services in the field of international sea cargo transportation in the direction of the Black, Marmara, Mediterranean Sea - Caspian Sea.

“Alem Shipping” offers its clients a stable schedule of cargo delivery by sea during the navigation season through the Volga-Don Canal. At the same time, the company provides cargo insurance, pre-carriage (delivery of goods from the manufacturer, warehouse), customs clearance of goods, and also carries out international multimodal and intermodal cargo transportation and project logistics.

The “Alem Shipping” company carries out transportation of such types of cargo as groupage, general, bulk, container, oversized, heavy, bulk, perishable, dangerous, as well as transportation of equipment and machinery.

By introducing international quality standards ISO into the company, “Alem Shipping” significantly optimizes many production and organizational processes, increasing the efficiency and safety of the company, taking Turkmen logistics to a new level.

Each request for sea transportation of goods is worked out individually, taking into account the key wishes of the client. The most competitive prices are offered to all clients of the company.

The schedule for the departure of ships from the ports of Turkey to Turkmenistan is made on a weekly basis.

The multifunctional business society “Alem Dostlugy” has 4 sectors, each of which develops independently of each other. The company is engaged in the provision of transport and logistics services, implementation of projects in the agro-industrial complex on a turnkey basis, sales, as well as distribution, import and export of raw materials, food products, equipment, spare parts for the oil and gas sector.

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