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ES “Begler ýoly” became one of the winners of the contest “Entrepreneur-2020”

ES “Begler ýoly” became one of the winners of the contest “Entrepreneur-2020”

The individual enterprise “Begler ýoly”, which manufactures plastic products, was awarded the honorary title of “Manufacturer of New Industrial Products of the Year”.

As reported on the company's website, IE “Begler ýoly” became the winner in this nomination based on the results of the Entrepreneur-2020 competition, which was organized by the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

“Begler ýoly” is a large manufacturer of plastic products in our country. Plastic bottles and cans, lunch boxes and containers for storing fruits and vegetables, containers for household chemicals and plastic dishes - all this is produced in the workshops of the enterprise. It is used by such well-known companies and factories in our country as “Täze aý”, “Ak nur”, “Şa”, “Gönezlik”, “Mylaýym”. “Begler ýoly” products are also known outside Turkmenistan.

The share of the non-state sector of the economy and industry in Turkmenistan is constantly growing. Thanks to the focus on import substitution and support from the state, individual entrepreneurs and industrialists are able to promote their products on the domestic market, as well as develop export potential. It is also of great importance for the development of the national economy and industry to hold such exhibitions, which allow its participants to closely familiarize themselves with the products of potential partners and offer their services directly.

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