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“Begler ýoly” products are presented at the UIET -2021 exhibition

“Begler ýoly” products are presented at the UIET -2021 exhibition

The Exhibition of Achievements of Turkmenistan, dedicated to the 13th anniversary of the establishment of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, continues its work.

Among almost two hundred participants - the individual enterprise “Begler ýoly” is one of the leading manufacturers of plastic products in our country. At the exhibition “Begler ýoly” demonstrates its entire range of products: plastic boxes for storing vegetables and fruits, food containers, lunch boxes, plastic spoons and forks, containers for household chemicals, etc.

“Begler ýoly” is a relatively young company, it was founded in 2014, but in a short time it was able to establish production and gain a good reputation. “Begler ýoly” products have been awarded a number of international quality certificates.

“Begler ýoly” cooperates with such well-known brands in our country as “Şa”, “Ak nur”, “Mylaýym”, “Täze aý”, “Nur” and many others. Also, “Begler ýoly” was the first in Turkmenistan to master the IML technique - labeling the container walls directly during the casting process.

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