Smartwatches will be produced in Turkmenistan

Smartwatches will be produced in Turkmenistan

The company Agzybirlik Tilsimaty will start producing smartwatches this year, Orient news portal reports.

It is expected that the smart watch from the domestic manufacturer will be called Saglyk, which means "Health" in Turkmen. The main feature of the new gadget can be an application that will receive information from sensors that record indicators of the state of the body — heart function, body temperature, blood pressure and its oxygen saturation level.

The sports mode of the smartwatch will allow you to determine the intensity of the load during training, cycling, sports. Activity tracking with steps and calories provides a holistic view of the day and helps maintain a healthy balance of activity and relaxation.

The smartwatch, which will be 42 millimeters in diameter, will have a round plastic case, but with a ceramic back surface, which will provide more accurate reading of signals, for example, a cardiogram of the heart, compared to a plastic coating.

Stylish and modern smartwatches Saglyk will receive preinstalled dials, including classic ones, and there will also be an opportunity to create your own.

The user interface of the gadget will be available in three languages: Turkmen, Russian and English.

The device has already interested foreign companies that are ready to act as distributors of Turkmen products on the territory of their states. Agzybirlik Tilsimaty is focused primarily on meeting the needs of the domestic and regional markets, but export prospects may cover a wider geography.

In Turkmenistan, the gadget will go on sale by the spring of 2021.

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