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Students who won the international Olympiad were honored in Ashgabat

Students who won the international Olympiad were honored in Ashgabat

The International university of oil and gas honored the winners of the intellectual Olympiad, the State publishing service of Turkmenistan reports.

Recently, it has become relevant to hold Internet Olympiads of international scale with the participation of a large student audience consisting of representatives of various educational institutions from dozens of countries. Educational institutions of Turkmenistan are also active participants in such international educational initiatives in the online format.

IUOG representatives won 12 medals: 8 gold and 4 silver in computer technologies in the framework of the International Internet Olympiad, which is traditionally held under the auspices of the Russian Scientific and educational center "Erudite". The winners of the awards were students studying in the specializations " automated information processing systems "and" information technology software".

Here are the names of the gold medalists of the Olympic round in the "binary coding": Enejan Esenova, Aynur Derekova, Gul Komekova, Merjen Orayeva, Gulnar Gellenova, Ogulkeyik Arasheva, Seyran Charyev and Gulnabat Rahmedova.

Silver medalists: Myahri Atayeva, Kerim Kekilliev, Myrat Gurbanov and Begench Bazarov.

Recently, the University received medals and diplomas from the Russian Federation for the winners and their mentors, and IUOG organized a solemn award ceremony.

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