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Website with Turkmen fairy tales launched in Turkmenistan

Website with Turkmen fairy tales launched in Turkmenistan

A new website has been launched where visitors can read fairy tales in the Turkmen language.

The site is an electronic collection where young users can get acquainted with a piece of the cultural heritage of the Turkmen people.

The site currently features over 40 fairy tales, but it is updated regularly.

Fairy tales on the site are divided into folk and author's. The section of author's fairy tales presents the works of eminent Turkmen storytellers, such as Berdy Kerbabayev, Aman Kekilov, Kayum Tanrygulyyev, Kerim Gurbannepesov.

The site also has a test section where connoisseurs can test their knowledge in fairy tales.

Fairy tales are presented with colorful illustrations; the archaisms encountered in them are interpreted.

The site interface is quite simple and straightforward. Fairy tales can be read both online and downloaded to your device in PDF format.

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