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President of Turkmenistan completes work on the 11th volume of «Medicinal Plants of Turkmenistan»

President of Turkmenistan completes work on the 11th volume of «Medicinal Plants of Turkmenistan»

In the first day of his leave, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has went into creative activity as well as dedicated his free time to his grandchildren, the State news agency of Turkmenistan reports.

As is known, the Head of the State always tries to use not only his working but free time efficiently. The Head of the State often dedicates his holidays to do scientific works or other creative activity including writing of new works.

Following this principle, the Head of the State continued working over completion of another volume of “Medicinal Plants of Turkmenistan”.

Multi-volume encyclopaedic work of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov together with broad scientific information contains useful information, which allows permanently growing reading auditorium to adhere to one of the layers of the richest cultural heritage of our nation.

In the process of work, the Head of the State thoroughly studied numerous sources, which became the basis for new scientific work. Reviewing and thoroughly studying the samples of medicinal plants and herbs packed in special containers, the Leader of the nation focuses on their distinguishing features.

Having accomplished the work on the 11th volume of the above-mentioned book, the President of Turkmenistan started to work on final editing of the text making relative corrections, amendments and clarifications.

In this regard, it is remarkable that the Head of the State pays close attention to study and protection of the nature. By the initiative of the Head of the State, large-scale programme for turning of the cities and villages, foothills, banks of canals, water pools and rivers into blossoming garden in the country. every year, the areas of forest and parking zones are growing. Supporting the formation of favourable climate, they protect from the heat in summer time and from cold winds in winter.

This noble activity is very important in national, regional and global scale. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlights that careful attention to the environment, solution of set objectives in this sphere are directly related to the care of prosperity and health of current and future generations.

World outlook, life and destiny of human being is closely connected with the nature. From the times primordial, Turkmen nations used to live in harmony with the nature trying to enhance its beauty.

The solution of objectives of provision of ecological wealth provides the modernization and expansion of scientific and technical potential of the country. Today, resource saving innovative technologies are introduced to all branches of national economy. Proper measures are implemented for improvement of efficiency of control of the air purity.

The history of the nation is related to unique nature of the country like magnificent Karakum Desert, blooming valleys, high mountain ranges of the Kopetdag, picturesque Caspian coast. Turkmen nation always treated his home land with love.

It would be worth to mention that the Head of the State combines the activity on ecological sphere, scientific work with literature, music and sport exercises. By the way, at present time, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov together with his grandson Kerim works on new music composition. The Head of the State highlights that songs and music have to reflect the spirit of time in harmony with national traditions.

Having listened to new music composition, the President continued the work on the 11th volume of “Medicinal Plants of Turkmenistan” and having made final corrections and put full stop, gave it for printing.

Knowledge about healing features of medicinal plants, which Turkmen land is rich with, passed from generation to generation do not only help Turkmen doctors to combine modern methods of medicine with scientifically based methods of physiotherapy, which is based on thousands years of experience of indigenous healing practices. It also allows using these gifts of the nature for prevention of diseases and health improvement at home.

In his work, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov gives the methods of preparation and application of medicine for the grass, leaves, fruits and roots of medicinal plants. It also gives sufficient information about the features, specialities, place of growing, natural reserves, forms and chemical composition of medicine.

Undoubtedly, that new volume of this fundamental work will be irreplaceable source of useful and required information, which gained big popularity of local and foreign reading audience as well as will be good present t coming Day of Health Protection and Medical Industry Personnel.

After, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov with his grandchildren made a walk in the fresh air. Demonstrating the interest in various profession, the children asked the questions as well as played with their favourite kittens.

The Head of the State told to is grandchildren about the richness, beauties and specialities of Turkmen nature, originality of its fauna. Taking care of the animals make people better and the life more interesting and richer. For example, looking at the attitude of children to the pets one can see the level of their responsibility and how they are able to take care of others.

It is worth reminding that at the working session of the Government in last February, the President made proposal to organize specialized central veterinary clinic and to take it under the government sponsorship.

People, who for example change their residence and have no opportunity to keep a dog or a cat at home, as well as those who leaves on business trip or vacation and they will require someone who would take care of their pets in this period would be able to use this nursery.

Undoubtedly, all of this will require the creation of good conditions in new zoological centre not only for comfort dwelt of animals but also from the personnel attitude to the animals point of view. It is necessary to develop the facility according to modern standards, which are available in this sphere at present time in the world, to study and introduce the best practice of developed countries. The Head of the State thinks that the Centre has to be open for all who wish to take care of animals, to have a walk or to play with them, and my be, to find his own pet and friend.

Having noted spiritual and moral importance of this activity for education of growing generation in the spirit of mercy and humanity, the President highlighted that this work is also a part of ecological policy of Turkmenistan.

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