Import and export of Turkmenistan

Import and export of Turkmenistan

Turkmenportal presents a brief overview of import and export of Turkmenistan for 2018, assessing the current situation of foreign trade in Turkmenistan *.

Turkmenistan's foreign trade in 2018 amounted to 16,973.8 million US dollars. The reforms carried out in Turkmenistan’s foreign trade activities had a positive effect on the trade balance, totaling $ 6,328.0 million. A trade surplus means that the country sold more than it bought in 2018.

As can be seen from the diagram, in 2018, exports increased in comparison with the previous year. The most significantly decreased imports of goods compared with 2017 by 47, 8%, that is, by half. The decline in imports is one of the factors for increasing the volume of gold in the country's currency reserves.

In 2018, 107 countries of the world had foreign trade relations with Turkmenistan. The main countries that are included in the TOP 5 trading partners in the export of goods of Turkmenistan: People's Republic of China, Italy, Afghanistan, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates.

The main countries that entered the TOP 5 trading partners in the import of goods of Turkmenistan in 2018: Turkey, United Arab Emirates, People's Republic of China, Germany, the Russian Federation.

Commodity structure of exports for 2018.

Export Commodity Structure for 2018

Import Commodity Structure for 2018

* The report was prepared on the basis of data from the State Statistics Committee of Turkmenistan

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