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Lights, camera, motor… Ice cream!

Lights, camera, motor… Ice cream!

“Why was the world created? In order to eat ice cream” – lines from a children’s song by the famous composer Grigoriy Gladkov perfectly convey the love of children and adults for ice cream. In the article we decided to tell not only about the interesting facts of this delicacy, but also about the famous “movie roles” of ice cream.

“Old man Hottabych”, 1956

A cult children's fairy tale film tells about the adventures of Soviet pioneers and the wizard Old Man Hottabych.

A kind genie met with ice cream at the circus. Hottabych liked ice cream so much that he ate one portion after another and eventually caught a cold. During filming, actor Nikolai Volkov, who played the role of a powerful wizard, ate glazed curds so as not to get sick. There were so many duplicates that the actor complained that he would never be able to love them again.

An interesting fact: the first vanilla ice cream was created in 1649 by a French chef named Gerard Tiersen. It comes in first place in popularity, followed by creamy, chocolate and strawberry.

“Operation Y and other adventures of Shurik”, 1965

Leonid Gaidai's comedy consists of three short stories: “Operation Y”, “Partner” and, perhaps, the most romantic – “Obsession”, about Shurik and Lida preparing for the exam.

A modest student meets the “good girl” Lida at the moment when she buys herself a popsicle. In the next scene, Shurik accidentally knocks ice cream out of Lida's hands, picks it up from the ground, then tries to shake it off and finally throws it away.

An interesting fact: as an experiment in 1921, the American ice cream manufacturer Christian Nelson filled ice cream with chocolate. The novelty was called “I-Scream bar” (from English “I scream”, but these words sound like “ice-cream”). Later, Nelson's associate suggested renaming the product to Eskimo Pie. The first Eskimo sold for 10 cents each.

“Diamond Arm”, 1968

Who does not remember the famous phrase of Lelik (Anatoly Papanov): “Children - ice cream, women - flowers! Look, do not confuse, Kutuzov! from the legendary comedy of Soviet cinema. The character of Andrei Mironov - Gesha does the opposite and gets ice cream in the face from the son of the protagonist. It is curious that for greater effect in the filming of this scene, cottage cheese was used instead of ice cream and it was not a child who threw it, but an assistant director who was sitting at the table outside the frame.

An interesting fact: Ben & Jerry's built an ice cream graveyard in Vermont. The names of tastes that have lost their popularity are indicated on the tombstones. In addition, on a special site there is an opportunity to cast your vote for their resurrection.

“Home Alone”, 2000

The main character Kevin sits down in front of the TV with a large portion of ice cream and says: “Hey! I eat all sorts of rubbish and watch all sorts of nonsense! Well, where are you? Ice cream in the film is a symbol of impunity and permissiveness, which the boy suddenly receives.

An interesting fact: 125 ml of regular vanilla ice cream contains calcium and vitamin A in healthy doses.

“Bridget Jones's Diary”, 2001

If in the comedy “Home Alone” ice cream was a symbol of pampering, then in the film adaptation of Helen Fielding's novel “Bridget Jones's Diary” it became a kind of antidepressant. Taking a bucket of your favorite ice cream, wrapping yourself in a warm blanket, turning on a melodrama is a great way to cope with sadness.

An interesting fact: professional tasters use golden spoons to determine the taste of ice cream, as ordinary ones leave an aftertaste.

Finally, “ice cream” (Russian “мороженое”) is one of the most popular words, when writing which people make the mistake of inserting two letters “н”. Remember the correct spelling with one “н”.


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