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Over a cup of tea - traditions of different countries

Over a cup of tea - traditions of different countries

Tea can safely be called the number one drink for many nations. And the tea ceremony is an ancient sacrament that has become a cultural heritage.

How is tea brewed and drunk in different countries? Consider 5 traditions of the peoples of the world.


In the Land of the Rising Sun, brewing and serving tea turned over time into a real art - "tyanyu", which was very popular among the samurai elite. In Japan, the tea ceremony is thought out to the smallest detail and includes about 100 different rules.

Every day, the Japanese drink several cups of green or yellow tea before meals and a few after. As a rule, tea is not served with the usual sugar or dessert.


In China, the tea ceremony is a sacred ritual, that has kept its uniqueness for thousands of years. It is accompanied by a pleasant and relaxing melody, reminiscent of the chirping of birds or the murmur of a stream.

Tea leaves are poured into special “gaiwan” cups, poured with a small amount of boiling water, and then poured into cups for drinking.


Chasuima is a traditional Tibetan drink that tastes like koumiss. It is prepared from tea leaves and thick yak milk, insisting for several hours. Tea with a characteristic bitter taste is high-calorie and satisfying. Before serving, salt and oil are added to it.


What associations arise when you hear: "Tea with milk" or "Five o'clock Tea"? Of course, this is England.

There is an opinion that the British drink tea at least five times a day. Usually, the inhabitants of Foggy Albion add tea to warmed milk, and not vice versa. It is believed that this way the taste of the drink is softer.


The Turks can rightly be called one of the most "tea-drinking" nations, because the average resident of Turkey consumes 2,5 kg of tea per year. Not a single business conversation, family or friendly meeting is complete without this drink.

Turkish tea is brewed using a two-tier teapot “chaydanlik”, and served in small glass cups - “armudu” on saucers, where sugar cubes, sweets or dried fruits are placed.

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