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Life is not sugar: 6 ways to overcome sugar cravings

Life is not sugar: 6 ways to overcome sugar cravings

“I can not live without sweets”, “I love sweets and other goodies”, “I have such a sweet tooth!” – for sure, you almost every day hear similar phrases from friends, relatives, or even regularly pronounce them yourself. But we all know how badly affects human health excessive consumption of sugar. But what if, being in sugar captivity, we buy “something delicious for tea” again and again?

This article contains tips, which will help you get rid of the habit of eating sweets.

How to overcome sugar cravings?

  • Gradually reduce portions. For instance, instead of the usual two tablespoons of sugar, add one to tea, and replace your favorite milk chocolate with bitter. The more cocoa beans in chocolate, and in bitter chocolate, it can reach up to 99%, the less sugar it contains.
  • Shift the focus of the daily diet to complex carbohydrates, they are absorbed longer, due to which a long-term feeling of fullness is maintained. Foods with complex carbohydrates include cereals, beans, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs, fruits, berries, nuts, whole grain flour products.
  • Go for sport. Exercise reduces stress, which is an important source of sugar cravings. To do this, it is not necessary to go to the gym, it is enough to do exercises daily and walk more often in the fresh air.
  • Include water with lemon in your diet, which by the way also contains a sufficient amount of healthy sugar that helps flight excess weight.
  • Get rid of old habits associated with sweets. Go around your favorite buffet or coffee shop, where you used to frequent.
  • Maintain a feeling of satiety. Make a meal schedule in which you will not starve and want to eat something sweet.

The following factors can be the cause of constant cravings for sweets:

  • Unbalanced nutrition, namely the replenishment of missing complex carbohydrates with sugar;
  • Mental work, during which the brain is actively working. As a result, the brain demands to back it up with sweets;
  • The habit of “jamming” stress with sweets;
  • Disturbed sleep pattern.

It is important to remove sugary carbonated drinks, foods containing fructose, sweeteners, syrups, and also pastries, cakes, etc. from the diet.

Healthy sweets

There should be harmony in everything, so you should not completely give up sweets either. Fortunately, there are relatively harmless sweets: marshmallows, dark chocolate, marmalade, honey, fruits, dried fruits, berries.


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