Mirror magic: fashion trends, original ideas

Mirror magic: fashion trends, original ideas

In a house where there are less than 12 mirrors, a beauty will not grow.
Caucasian proverb


Despite centuries of history, the design potential of mirrors is underestimated. The mirror surface can not only decorate the interior, but also hide its flaws.

Below are interesting options for using mirrors in the interior.

Furniture with a mirror surface

For owners of small apartments, mirrored furniture can be an excellent solution in the struggle for visual space. Besides the usual version of such furniture, for instance, a closet in the hallway with mirrored doors, it is available to pick up cabinets, shelving, chests of drawers, bookshelves, which are created using a mirror and glass.

Photo: uutvdome.ru

Such furniture will fit into any style of interior and will be appropriate in combination with both metal and wood. Besides that, a pattern can be applied to mirror and glass surfaces thanks to photo printing and sandblasting.

Mirror ceiling

And why not experiment with the ceiling?! Not everyone dares to a mirrored ceiling, although this design has a number of advantages:

  • Visually removes the boundaries, which is actual for small rooms.
  • The reflection of light sources in the mirror ceiling increases the efficiency of lighting, so it is available to use lower power fixtures.

The best option is to decorate with mirrors not the entire ceiling, but its central part.

Photo: na-dache.pro

Mirror panel on the wall

Photo: m-strana.ru

It is possible to demonstrate the originality of the decor with the help of a mirror panel. A variety of technology for creating mirrors from fragments makes this element of the interior a real art object. Each element of the mirror composition will transmit its own reflection, this effect will give the impression of an abstract picture, consisting of pieces of the room.

Photo: m-strana.ru

Mirror with “fisheye” effect or curved mirror

Photo: rerooms.ru

Such a spherical mirror refracts reflection like a camera lens. “Fisheye” reflects the entire room, they used to function as a security camera in jewelry stores.

Mirror letters

Mirrored inscriptions and individual letters on an ordinary wall will add brightness and character to any room. Letter elements will be appropriate in the children's room, bedroom, kitchen, living room.

Mirror clock
A large mirror clock is a functional item, but in fact, an ordinary wall mirror with a dial and hands. This combination of two useful elements will perfectly complement the modern style in the interior.

Photo: lovely-dom.ru

Mirror on the door

For those who want to purchase a full-length mirror, but do not find a place for it, hanging it on the door will be a winning solution. It is important that thin mirrors that have undergone heat treatment and hardening are used to decorate the doors.

Photo: rezident.su

The Aýbölek factory in Turkmenistan is known for its high skill in the production of mirrors of any shape, size and design.

In addition to the wide selection of mirrors in the store at the address: Ashgabat, Andalib street, 80, the company also fulfills individual orders.

The factory manufactures all types of furniture - upholstered, cabinet, wood and metal, for home and office, to order from businesses and individuals.

Let us note that Aýbölek is a multiple winner of international prestigious awards for high quality products.

Sources: rerooms.ru; roomble.com; houzz.ru.

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