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Students from Turkmenistan will have an internship in Italy, Turkmenistan and Iran plan cooperation in the fight against dust and sand storms and other news



1. Six students from Turkmenistan received grants for a three-month study in Italy at advanced training courses in the direction of “Italian language and literature”. Within the framework of the program, students get the opportunity to take academic courses in various fields of science and technology, the Italian language, literature and culture.

2. On August 19, in Ashgabat, viewers will be able to enjoy short films created within the framework of the unique “Shoot in 48 Hours” project. The film show will permit viewers to see the diversity and talent of modern Turkmen filmmakers, communicate with young directors and actors, and get motivated to participate in the 48HFR competition next year. Viewers will be presented with 18 short films on various topics. The screening will take place at the American Center.

3. Turkmenistan and Iran plan to cooperate in combating dust and sand storms, which have become more frequent in recent years due to climate change.

4. In the first six months of this year, the trade turnover between Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan amounted to 242,7 million USD, of which 61,3 million USD accounted for Turkmen exports.

5. It is time for the harvest of watermelons and melons in Turkmenistan. These fruits are traditional for the country and occupy most of the vegetable and fruit and gourd crops. On the fields you can see a variety of varieties of melons, among which are Chardzhou, torpedo and Turkmen. Of the 1500 varieties of melons known in the world, 400 come from Turkmenistan. “To determine the ripeness of a watermelon, you need to pay attention to the yellow spot on the peel, dry tail and sound when tapped. Watermelon should sound muffled, but not stupid”, - explained farmer Mekan Hudayberdiyev. The watermelon and melon season will continue until October. Early and medium varieties are being harvested now, and late ones will ripen later.

6. The ceremony of signing an agreement on holding the World Kurash Championship in 2023 was held in Ashgabat. According to the document, the World Championship will be held from November 23 to 28, 2023 in the martial arts sports complex of the Olympic village of Ashgabat. About 500 athletes from more than 100 countries of the world will take part in the competition.

7. The Government of the Russian Federation has ratified the protocol on the protection of the Caspian Sea from pollution from land-based sources, signed in Moscow in 2012 by five Caspian countries. The purpose of the document is to prevent, reduce, control and, to the extent possible, eliminate pollution of the marine environment from land-based sources and land-based activities.

8. Nearly two thousand people in Japan have been cut off from the outside world due to the effects of Typhoon “Lan”. Bad weather and heavy rains led to the destruction of a number of infrastructure facilities. In addition, due to the consequences of the disaster, more than 180 thousand people received a recommendation to evacuate.


9. The match for the UEFA Super Cup between the English “Manchester City” and the Spanish “Sevilla” was held in Piraeus, Greece. The teams failed to determine the winner in regular time - 1:1. Goals were scored by Youssef En-Nesiri (25th) for “Sevilla” and Cole Palmer (63rd) for “Manchester City”. The winner was determined in the penalty shoot-out, where luck smiled on the British - 5:4.

10. “Al-Hilal” announced the transfer of Neymar by posting a video with a player in a club uniform. The financial details of the deal were not disclosed, but according to media reports, PSG received 90 million euros for the Brazilian, excluding bonuses. Neymar has been playing for PSG since the summer of 2017. He moved to Paris for a then-record 222 million euros. From 2013 to 2017, he defended the colors of “Barcelona”.

11. From August 20 to 27, the CAFA-2023 championship among youth teams (U-17) in football will be held at the Hissar Central Stadium. Teams from five countries of the region - Tajikistan, Iran, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan will take part in the tournament. Within the framework of the CAFA-2023 (U-17) championship, 10 matches will be played. The competition will be held in a round robin system in one round, where each team will play with each. The winning team will be determined by the number of points scored.

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