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As a result of archaeological excavations in Kunyaurgench, medieval artifacts were found


Almost a one hundred archeological artefacts were discovered by specialists of the State historical and cultural preservation “Kunyaurgench” during excavations and searching works conducted last year near the portal of the medieval caravansarai.

As reports the “Turkmenistan: Golden Age” edition, the finds once again confirmed high level of ceramic art in ancient Gurgench.

The found clay jugs and hums, the remains of clay aqueducts, terracotta elements of architectural decoration were transferred to the local Museum of Folk Crafts, located in the ancient building of the Dashmechet madrasah.

Among the finds are also terracotta details of the cladding, having the shape of an octagonal and hexagonal star, decorated with floral ornaments.

Ceramic craft on the territory of ancient Horezm in the Middle Ages received a special flourishing. The construction and restoration of many monumental structures in Urgench caused the need for the production of architectural decor, including terracotta facing products.

Terracotta products in the shape of an octagonal star were found more than once in the immediate vicinity of the monument “Portal of the Caravanserai” in previous years. Ceramic facing tiles with deep carvings were also found here, on which there are inscriptions covered with turquoise glaze on a fixed background.

The monument itself as per the opinion of the scientist V.I.Pilavskiy, contrary to its name, is closer to palace building than to a household structure, it is emphasized both the arched portal and the outstanding architectural and artistic merits of the structure, the source notes.

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