Turkmen livestock breeders are convinced of the benefits of additives based on microorganisms from Nourivit

Turkmen livestock breeders are convinced of the benefits of additives based on microorganisms from Nourivit

The official distributor of the Austrian company Nourivit in Turkmenistan presents a unique line of biological supplements based on microorganisms - Nourivit Plus, Nourivit FKE and Nourivit Silage.

Nourivit FKE contains microorganisms (mainly lactic acid bacteria) enriched with fermented herbs - mallow, mint and sage. Nourivit FKE probiotics have a positive effect on the intestinal flora of pets, increasing their immunity, improving weight and milk production.

The effectiveness of Nourivit FKE has been proven by Turkmen farmers and livestock breeders who are convinced of its beneficial properties. Thus, on the farm “Magtymguly Gush Toplumy” in the Ak Bugday etrap, thanks to the use of Nourivit FKE, it was possible to reduce the mortality of chickens by almost three times - from 10-12 individuals per day to 3-4.

A five-month trial of the drug on turkeys at “Maksada Okgunly” in Geokdepe was carried out with the division of the poultry house into two control groups: some birds were treated with Nourivit FKE, others were not. As a result, turkeys treated with the drug showed faster weight gain (about 3,5% faster) due to improved digestion and a 2-fold lower mortality from diseases due to increased immunity.

Nourivit FKE has an equally beneficial effect on cattle. In Tejen etrap, Mary velayat, the test was conducted on Holstein cows from the Ýumak farm. For testing, 215 dairy cows were selected, which received feed with the addition of Nourivit FKE for one month. The result was a significant improvement in digestion in all individuals and the cessation of intestinal problems (bloating, indigestion, etc.).

The use of Nourivit FKE in households in Ahal and Dashoguz velayats also gave positive results: cows' milk yield increased by an average of 8-10 liters per day, and mortality among chickens decreased to almost zero.

According to the manufacturer, Nourivit supplements are also useful for other pets - dogs and cats, they improve the condition of the coat, increase the vitality and mood of the animal.

More details about the Nourivit product line and its useful properties can be found in the office of the official representative for Turkmenistan:
Ahal velayat, Ak Bugday etrap, d/o “Watan”, Furniture complex, 16.

Phones: (+993 61) 17 82 43 and (+993 65) 81 77 60.

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