Nourivit in Turkmenistan presents natural bioadditives for livestock farms

Nourivit in Turkmenistan presents natural bioadditives for livestock farms

The official distributor of the company for the production of fertilizers and bioadditives for crop and livestock production Nourivit in Turkmenistan offers to take advantage of the complex of beneficial microorganisms and bacteria for the development of animal husbandry.

The beneficial bacteria complex from Nourivit has been successfully used as an additive in feed for livestock and poultry, for ensiling (preparing fodder for the winter), processing pastures and meadows to increase yields, processing animal housing, and is also added to manure, turning it into a useful natural fertilizer.

The bacteria contained in Nourivit successfully fight pathogens that cause diseases in livestock, take part in the fermentation of silage, which improves its quality, normalizes the intestinal microflora of animals and increases milk yield and helps maintain a healthy atmosphere and hygiene in the stables.

Nourivit products are absolutely natural and environmentally friendly, safe for animals and people.

It is available to learn more about the Nourivit livestock line at the address: Ahal velayat, Ak Bugday etrap, d/o “Watan”, Furniture complex, house 16, or by contacting the official supplier by phone: phone (+993 61) 17 82 43 and (+993 61) 17 82 34.

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