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Asia's Richest Man Plans to create a renewable energy production Center

Asia's Richest Man Plans to create a renewable energy production Center

Indian billionaire Gautam Adani, who is considered to be Asia’s richest person, has conceived to create a giant renewables energy production center in Morocco. The main aim of the project is to supply ecologically pure hydrogen to Europe in order to cope with the energy crisis, writes Bloomberg.

The businessman plans to build solar and wind power plants in the North African country, as well as enterprises for the production of green hydrogen for export.

As per the sources, the combined capacity of panels and turbines can reach 10 gigawatts, which will make the project Adani's largest asset in the field of renewable energy outside India.

It is planned to build the facilities in two stages – first they will install solar panels and wind turbines for five gigawatts, and after a while their total capacity will be increased by another five gigawatts.

In accordance with experts, the countries of North Africa are often considered as potential large centers for the production of renewable energy due to the abundance of sunny days a year.

Recently in this area the Saudi Arabia conceived to build a plant on production of ecologically pure hydrogen. Current project plans to finish by 2026. Electricity station will be powered by sun and wind energy, that is why the location was chosen in accordance with the large quality of sunlight and wind.

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