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Turkmen citizens will be provided with housing in the new center of Ahal, Shir performed in Minsk at the City Day, offices of “Turkmenistan” Airlines in Russia

Turkmen citizens will be provided with housing in the new center of Ahal, Shir performed in Minsk at the City Day, offices of “Turkmenistan” Airlines in Russia

1. The President of Turkmenistan signed the Decree on the allocation of housing in the new center of Ahal. The construction of the first stage should be completed by the Day of Neutrality of Turkmenistan.

2. Shirmurad Charyev, a native of Turkmenistan, known under the pseudonym Shir, performed at a concert dedicated to the 955th anniversary of the city and the 30th anniversary of the “Mir” TV and radio company in Minsk. In the very center of the Belarusian capital near the Sports Palace, the pop singer performed his signature composition “You are mine”.

3. The general agent of the airline “Turkmenistan” in Russia has published a list of ticket sales offices for the airline's flights in the territory of the Russian Federation. Air tickets to Turkmenistan can be purchased in the Moscow region, Tatarstan and St. Petersburg. A complete list of offices with addresses and contacts is available here.

4. On September 15, the Turkmen clothing brand Däp will hold a presentation of the autumn capsule collection from the Urban line. The show will be held in the company store in the Shopping and Entertainment Center “Ashgabat”. The collection includes hoodies, joggers, long sleeves, sweatshirts, shirts, chinos and palazzos.

5. iOS 16 version became available for installation on iPhone in Turkmenistan. The update is available for all devices except for models older than iPhone 8. iOS 16 introduces enhanced lock screen customization with new fonts, colors, and widgets, an updated notification system, the ability to edit iMessage text after sending it, and other innovations.

6. United Airlines is investing 15 million USD in Brazilian electric air taxi startup Eve Air Mobility. Within the framework of the deal, the carrier will purchase 200 aircraft.

7. Fireworks will be banned in the Indian capital New Delhi. The restriction will come into force from October 2022 until January 1, 2023. Pyrotechnics will be limited during the winter months as the cold air traps dust, vehicle exhaust and smoke from fields where straw is burned. The introduction of this measure will help reduce air pollution in the metropolis.

8. The second round of the UEFA Champions League group stage kicks off today in Europe. “Bayern” and “Barcelona” will meet in the central meeting on Tuesday. The match will be shown live by the Russian TV channel “Match TV”. The broadcast will begin at 23:45 Ashgabat time.

9. Turkmen sambists won 9 medals at the international tournament in Russia. David Avchyan was awarded the highest standard, silver medals were won by: Begench Baltayev, Guvanch Begaliyev, Muhammed Kossekov, Kerimberdi Dovletov. The bronze medalists were: Angelina Filippova, Nedir Allaberdiyev, Serdar Hodjamuhammedov and Bezirgen Begenjov.

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