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China bought 850 tons of liquorice root from Turkmenistan

China bought 850 tons of liquorice root from Turkmenistan

Today, the Turkmen private transport and logistics company of Bir Kuwwat, in partnership with Chinese Shanxi Investment Group International Logistics Co Ltd, executed the transportation of a large batch of liquorice root to the People's Republic of China.

As it was reported to Turkmenportal by the representatives of Bir Kuwwat, a railway train sent from Turkmenistan by a multimodal corridor transported 42 containers of liquorice root weighing 850 tons to the ancient city of Xi An (People's Republic of China).

It was noted that this products were produced by the Agro-industrial complex “Buyan” named after S.A.Niyazov, which enters into the association “Turkmendermansenagat” of the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan.

Let’s add that the cargo has been on the way for less than 20 days, which became possible due to the use of multimodal transportation – road, sea and railway transport.

Containers loaded with liquorice were shipped from Turkmenabat to the Turkmenbashi International Sea Port, where they went by sea to Aktau (Kazakhstan), and there they were delivered by rail through the border of Horgos station (PRC) till the station of Xi An city.

Established in March 2020, the company Br Kuwwat provides a wide range of services on organization of transportation of cargo within the borders of Turkmenistan and to the CIS, EU, China countries and countries of Southeast Asia.

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