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The visit of Serdar Berdimuhamedov to Uzbekistan, the postponement of the K-pop festival in Ashgabat, the forecast for air temperature up to +46° and other news

The visit of Serdar Berdimuhamedov to Uzbekistan, the postponement of the K-pop festival in Ashgabat, the forecast for air temperature up to +46° and other news

1. A two-day state visit of President Serdar Berdimuhamedov to Uzbekistan began on July 14. As a result of the meetings at the highest level, 19 documents on cooperation were signed and long-term tasks were identified to further build up the multifaceted strategic partnership between the two countries.

2. The air temperature in Turkmenistan is predicted to reach +46° in the coming days. Hot weather is also expected in the regions neighboring Turkmenistan. In Kazakhstan Mangyshlak +41°…+46°, in some regions of Uzbekistan up to +45°.

3. The Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Turkmenistan has decided to postpone the K-pop festival in Ashgabat, scheduled for July 16 at the Magtymguly National Music and Drama Theatre. The festival has been postponed indefinitely.

4. On the official portal of public services of Turkmenistan -, it became possible to pay for Internet services with cards of the State Bank for Foreign Economic Affairs.

5. Discounts of up to 60% on branded clothing for men have started at the Ramsey store in the “Berkarar” Shopping and Entertainment Center. The collections include models of casual, business and sportswear for men, preferring to be on trend. Call for details: (+993 61) 64 41 18.

6. The “Fair of Masters” will be held at the “Bagtyyarlyk” Shopping Center in Ashgabat on July 16. Here you can buy handmade products: jewelry, accessories, toys, souvenirs, paintings and home decor. The fair will be open on the first floor of the Center, next to the “Talhan” cafe from 12:00 to 20:00.

7. The construction of a modern passenger bus station in Turkmenabat is nearing completion. More than 160 specialists are involved in the construction site to date. The facility is scheduled to be commissioned by the 31st anniversary of Turkmenistan's independence.

8. The World Health Organization is calling for the return of masks. The head of the organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, following a meeting on countering the pandemic, stated this. “The new waves of illness demonstrate that COVID-19 is not over yet,” said Ghebreyesus.

9. From the abnormal heat that hit Europe, not only people, but also animals suffer. In Spain, the air warmed up above 40 degrees and in order for the animals to feel good in such weather, the Madrid Zoo began to feed the animals with popsicles.

10. Today, the youth and junior Asian weightlifting championships start in Tashkent. More than 300 weightlifters from 21 countries will participate in the tournament. The guests of honor of the championship will be the leadership of the International Weightlifting Federation, headed by Mohammad Jaloud, the recently appointed head of the IWF.

11. The final match of the 2022 AFC Cup will be held on October 22. The final will be hosted by one of the teams that reached the final of the tournament from the “West” or “East” zone.

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