“Immersive viewing” is now available in Google Maps

“Immersive viewing” is now available in Google Maps
Photo: inforeactor.ru

Google Maps of the new generation with “immersive viewing” were presented during the Google I/O event. Initially, the new viewing mode will be available for Los Angeles, London, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo. However, other cities will gradually be added.

As ixbt.com informs, immersive viewing will be able to immerse the user in the atmosphere of a particular place. Thus, with the help of time slider it is possible to see how this district looks at different times of the day and under different weather conditions, find out where the busiest places are.

When descending to the street level, such information as opening hours, traffic jams will be available for viewing, and it will even be possible to look into restaurants and other locations from the street. As the edition notes, due to the ability of Google to gather milliards of street and aerial photographs for creation of “rich digital model of the world”, immersive viewing will be available to the users “on almost any phone”.

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