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Turkmen producers of soft drinks presented novelties at the UIET-2022 exhibition

Turkmen producers of soft drinks presented novelties at the UIET-2022 exhibition

Manufacturers of soft drinks and juices traditionally participate actively in the exhibition of achievements of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan, which opened today.

This sector of Turkmen food industry is developing from year to year, offering new tastes to consumers.

At the current exhibition among the participants such Turkmen companies demonstrate their products as: ES Ýakymly kümüş suwy, IE Ak ýol, IE “Gosha Chinar”, IE Dury çeşme, ES “Miweli oba”, Saba, 8 Ýap, IE Sada, IE Dury kenar, ES “Mahmal Zip”, IE Arçalyk and others.

IE Sada, owned by businessman Orazmyrat Annakuliyev, presented its new products at the exhibition-natural juices under the trademarks ELLE and ILKENT. Earlier, the enterprise was engaged only in the production of non-alcoholic carbonated drinks “Sada” and drinking water.

One of the participants of exhibition – ES “Mahmal Zip” – is the bottler of the German brand Sinalco. The company operates on a franchise basis and produces kvass and drinks Sinalco Pyrtykal, Sinalco Kola, Sinalco Jump. Also, the new taste of Sinalco fresco – special gift to the people of Turkmenistan for the summer was demonstrated at the exhibition. The bright refreshing taste will give pleasure and quench your thirst.

The new types of drinks have Ýakymly kümüş suwy (“Tolkun” trademark), these are Belli Cola, tarragon, lemonade. Also, the company produces sports energy drinks, containing carbohydrates and electrolytes. They are designed to help athletes achieve their best performance.

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