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Dashoguz velayat diagnoses 20 gas distribution units


The specialists of the “Dashoguzgazupjunchilik” gas economic management enterprise are diagnosing about 20 recently installed units of gas control and gas distribution equipment at present time, and also replacing concrete supports under gas networks, reports the publication Nebit-Gaz.

The employees of the enterprise ensured the stable operation of a single gas system of various pressures with a length of about 550 km, and also the well-coordinated work of 444 units of gas distribution and gas control equipment in January-February of this year.

As notes the source, together with specialists from the velayat construction and installation department for gasification, a number of measures were taken to increase the throughout capacity of gas pipelines and reconstruct gas facilities last year.

Also, works on gasification of new residential complexes “Novruz”, “Suvchy”, “Merkez-1” carried out. A medium-pressure gas pipeline with a length of 8 thousand 268 meters was re-laid to improve gas supply to the population in the “Gulistan” district of the city of Dashoguz.

The company has a service for monitoring and troubleshooting gas equipment and networks. The qualified specialists carry out technical control of gas metering devices and other equipment.

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