Shelter dog became a Tik Tok star

Shelter dog became a Tik Tok star

Mongrel Asya, who was adopted from a shelter, became a Tik Tok star. In accordance its owner Maria, the dog knows more than a hundred commands, can not only give a paw and bring slippers, but also turn on and off the light in the apartment, informs mir24.

At the same time Asya likes to perform complex tricks, during which it is necessary to move actively, use both paws and tail. At present time the mongrel Asya already has four and half million subscribers. It all started with the fact, that its owner deiced to make a video, where she taught the “shameful” trick. After that video received a lot of positive feedback the owner of the dog Maria Kolsa decided to continue the topic of training videos her pet.

As informs the publication, Maria and Tik Tok star Asya are planning to shoot new videos on training.

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