Lawn grass seeds from Holland appeared on the market of Turkmenistan

Lawn grass seeds from Holland appeared on the market of Turkmenistan

The owners of the houses and cottages in Turkmenistan have the opportunity to decorate the landscape of their site with a natural lawn, without fear of a hot summer.

The Dutch BARENBRUG company has created a drought-resistant grass mixture Water Saver, resistant to high air temperatures, scorching sun rays and lack of watering, especially for countries with a hot and arid climate. It includes cane fescue, a plant capable of absorbing moisture from a depth of several meters.

Fans of active outdoor games can be sure of the quality of the green lawn, as the correct ratio of cereals in the composition of BARENBRUG makes lawns resistant to sports battles.

Also, grass mixtures from the Dutch manufacturer are distinguished by the purity of the variety and do not contain debris and weed seeds.

It should be noted, that BARENBRUG is one of the leading companies in the world in the production of lawn and forage grass seeds. They have created almost four hundred varieties of herbs over more than a century of their history.

On the Turkmen market BARENBRUG lawn grass seeds appeared in 2016. The official distributor of the Dutch company offers a grass mixture, specially selected for climatic conditions in all regions of the country.

It is available to buy grass mixture in Turkmenistan by phone: +99365 80 65 95; +99312 47 38 67, IMO +993 65 03 92 21; in social networks or at the address Ashgabat, Andalib st, house 70, office 503.

Products are available for wholesale and retail orders, in packages of 15 kilograms.

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