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Gulyalek Babakulova from Turkmenistan created a collection of dolls in outfits from five velayats


An exclusive collection of dolls in costumes of ethnic groups of Turkmens living in five regions of the country was collected by a resident of Turkmenistan, Gulyalek Babakulova, “MIR 24” reports.

Each outfit of the toy repeats the vestments of a real person. By costumes, you can learn the history of the national clothes of Turkmenistan. There are more than 200 dolls in the unique collection, each of them is unique with its own name and biography.

It even presents the sons of the legendary Oguz Han in miniature. Their toy iron helmets and military armor are almost exactly the same as the historical analogue of the ammunition of that time.

Gulyalek's daughter Aylar and students at home of creative children and teenagers help her work with dolls. Together they study the origins of folk culture in the lessons of applied arts.

The woman not only collects dolls, but also sews outfits for them herself, using ancient fabrics and patterns that are traditionally used in one or another velayat of the country. Here are toys in girlish images, brides, young men, as well as dolls in the clothes of an older generation of women and men.

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